3 Proven Tips To Get On TV As An Expert

TV is still the second biggest source of news and information in the world. It’s bigger than blogs, magazines, newspapers, and even bigger than social media. According to a new study by hootsuite, TV is only just behind internet search as the most popular source of news and information. So imagine what appearing regularly as a trusted expert on TV could mean for you and your business. We’re talking hours of free advertising worth hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars.

The hardest thing to do is to get your first appearance. If you are any good on TV the chances are you will be invited back again and again. So follow these three tips and you will be well on your way to being invited in front of the TV cameras.


To have a chance of being asked to appear on TV as an expert for the first time it helps a lot if you say or do something that is very unusual, often the total opposite of what everyone else in your industry is saying.

Take Henry Pryor, a real estate agent who has now made over 500 appearances on the BBC and is often introduced as ‘the BBC’s favourite property expert.’ He made a prediction in a self-written press release that the UK property market had peaked, when every other agent was saying that it would go on rising. That led to him being asked to appear on a big radio show in the UK to talk about his theory, which led to an invitation to repeat the performance on TV.

So if there’s a big story going on, and you think the total opposite to the opinions being suggested by your peers on the media, that is a great time to approach the media and explain why you are different.


Although some people would claim otherwise, Journalists are human beings too. They like it when you praise them, thank them and take them out for lunch, or even a coffee.

Dr Arthur Cassidy was a psychologist with a great insight into why celebrities behave as they do. But it wasn’t until he actually got in touch with the producers of TV shows that they started to notice him. He’s subsequently been on many major network shows in the UK, including ‘This Morning’, and ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

TV and radio producers are constantly on twitter. So track them down and start tweeting them some love, then preferably try and meet them in real life.


Television (in particular) is expensive to produce, and its production staff, as well as the producers of big radio shows, are under big pressure to feature entertaining, as well as informed, guests. So to convince the producers that they’re not booking someone who will buckle under the pressure make sure you have an interview, or some kind of relevant audio/visual content available online for producers to check out.

Joe Wicks has become a hugely successful body conditioning expert with his own line of premium online courses, best selling books and his own TV show ‘the body coach’. He started out by uploading videos on instagram and youtube which captured his unique personality and quickly gained him a following. That inevitably led to media producers getting very interested in Joe indeed.

Any kind of track record of media performances at all will really help producers take a chance on you. Even a self-produced video is much better than nothing at all, especially if it’s got plenty of views and engagement from the public.


No one is going to call out of the blue with an invitation to appear on TV. Producers are busy people who won’t find out about you unless you give them a good reason to book you, and some evidence that you have the makings of being a solid TV performer. That said, TV producers are always on the hunt for new faces to keep their shows interesting. So start taking action today and who knows, you could be on TV before you know it.